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Bro. Selvin (Chennai, India)

One evening as I was sitting lately at my workplace at Chennai, I happened to meet Rev. A.R Joseph who came with his ministerial representatives at Chennai. I had never seen him or met him before.  We have a  Conference Hall to conduct seminars.  Rev  Joseph came to our place previous day to see the venue in April 2012. I was given to understand that  he is a minister serving the Lord. Then . I asked him to pray generally for our office.  I am writing  the excerpts of that  the Lord spoke through during the course of his prayer :-

1. We have been planning to construct a Big Multipurpose Hall at our Campus and this is exactly what the Lord spoke “I am seeing a Big Auditorium coming in this place, people from all over the world watching this”   Praise God. That was over a year ago and now we have received the approval from the Government and the project is getting started this month .  I Praise God that the Lord has confirmed that this project was from the Lord  and he  spoke through His Prophet Rev. A. R Joseph.  We trust and pray that this Big Auditorium will come into reality by 2014 and through this Auditorium,  the extension of  His kingdom is going to take place.

2. Secondly he was praying for me “I see your daughter  playing Piano  ………………….”  I have only one daughter and that was my wish.  God has revealed through His mighty prophet.

This is only a part of the Prophecy what our Lord spoke through  His mighty prophet.


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