Lessons and Thoughts from 2022

1. Unresolved relationship with COVID-19: Even though it has been declared by some the pandemic is over, the coronavirus is here to stay. And many of us are learning this new normal as a way of life. We may know someone in our family or a co-worker who is infected and we ourselves become catalyst in carrying the contamination of the virus and its many different strains. We also saw the increase of positive COVID cases here in America and fresh lockdowns in China that brought a sense of weariness. There is also weariness due to COVID having taken a toll on the health of our employees, co-workers and leaders. This has affected our perception on health care.

2. Make hay when the sun shines: In a literal sense, there is a need for solar energy. And new laws passed by California states sale of gas vehicle should be converted to EV by 2035. The increase of solar energy in different sects of community reflect the advancing or reliance of solar energy and it continues to be a growing energy source to America. Will solar energy be a game changer for America and the world? Only time can tell. The advantages of solar energy can be greater than that of other renewable energy like wind and aqua. Warmer places in America are also seeing growth in population and fresh dependence on solar energy.

3. Peace in politics make a difference in communal living: Even though Twitter had revoked some of its ban on politicians and leaders who made a lot of noise in previous years, the tranquilly that democracy brings is always appreciated. We also saw the threat of democracy around the world in 2022. Countries like Hungary and India are losing the democratic status to political dictatorship. In words of our beloved Pope Francis there is a famine of peace around the world. Can gun control laws be the solution to the recent violence? Or can the power of words that can stir violence in the hearts of people be more damaging than the power of bullets?

4. Global warming, cancer, and other prevailing pandemics: The effect of global warming, pollution and other aspect that destroy our environment has been in the forefront of many political battles. Dialogues rage on trying to hold certain countries accountable for their lack of care over its environment. The ever-changing weather patterns in the last decade has been alarming to an extent we have seen a rise in mass destruction through natural disasters like floods, tornadoes, or typhoons. Cancer has also been in the news. It has been said that a growing population of middle-aged men and woman have been affected globally by cancer. And WHO has raised an alarm on the increase of mortality caused by cancer in the recent years.

5. Aging generations still have control: The two major generations in America are the Baby Boomers (or simply the boomers) and the Millennials.  Each of these generations hold strengths and weakness. The loss of creative space has stagnated the growth of Gen Xers who are sandwiched between these two major generations, caught in-between their way of doing life, their perceptions, has brought a deficiency in work force. Communication from one generation to the other has become harder. The exposure to the latest and easier technology has made younger millennials less tech savvy and also less communicative to their older peers who may expect respect and response from their younger co-workers. These trends in the work force need to be addressed with proper guidance and understanding. Just as equal opportunity irrespective of race or gender or sexual orientation help us to be inclusive, laws promoting the minority in certain generation can help as well (for example, more opportunities for creativity and leadership among Gen X’er’s can be a game changer).

6. Setting mental health a priority: this year we saw the demise of some well-loved social media influences – like Tecknoblade and Twitch. Setting mental health is a priority to every growing leader. Their ability to communicate and influence others can be evident based on their mental health. Be it Ye (Kanye West) or Elon Musk whose wealth may have created a platform for them to communicate, their voices have been questioned because of their poor judgements. Mental health can shape our judgments. Healthy environments grow because of the priority set of mental health. 

7. You can be the world’s richest man and be a poor communicator:  The purchase of Twitter has it made people to love Elon Musk or to move away from him. Communication has become twisted based on who feels they are sharing the truth. Redefining free speech and hate speech in the name of speaking the truth has questioned the integrity of the communicator. Communication on social media has an agenda that promotes narcissism, no matter how well it is dressed up. Communication that promotes kindness, respect and space for growth needs to overturn narcissism. 

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